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The touchscreen of my Sense G2 does not respond (well) to my commands

Your Sense G2 is equipped with a touchscreen that needs to be calibrated upon first use. When you take the reader out of the packaging and boot up for the first time, a screen will appear that asks you to calibrate the device.

In a sequence of 5 steps, 5 crosses will appear on your screen:

  1. Top left
  2. Top right
  3. Bottom right
  4. Bottom left
  5. Center

Take your stylus and touch the center of each cross, to correctly calibrate your screen.


If at some point in time the touch screen does not correctly react on commands/touches, you need to re-calibrate your screen.

  • Go to Settings | Calibration
  • The calibration screen will show
  • You need to touch the centers of the 5 crosses with your stylus

It is recommended to always use your stylus to do the calibration. Doing it with your finger will work, but results are less accurate, leading to sub-optimal results.

Tags: calibration, G2, ICARUS, not responding, Sense, touchscreen

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