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Page-turning buttons do not work in an app

The page-turning buttons on the Illumina E654BK can be used in Android apps (depending on how the app was programmed). 


If page-turning buttons do not work in a third-party app, you could try to adjust a setting in the menu.


Go to Settings | User defined | Volume keys setting

If ‘Close’ is selected, page-turning buttons will not work in Skoobe, Bibliotheek app. If ‘Open’ is selected, the buttons will work.

Other apps might function in a different way. For instance Aldiko reader works exactly the opposite: ‘open’ will make buttons work. It depends on how the app was programmed by the developers.


It could be however that page-turning is not supported at all. This is developer-dependent and cannot be influenced by Icarus.

Tags: buttons, e654bk, Illumina, page, page-turning

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