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Installing apps labeled 'non-compatible' by Google Play (e.g. Dropbox)

When searching apps in the Google Play Store on your Illumina Pro (E1053BK), you will find that the Play Store labels some apps as not compatible, and you will not be able to download these from the Play Store.


This does not mean that the Pro cannot run these apps. In order to install such an app (e.g. Dropbox):

- on a computer, go to websites that offer APK downloads, such as

- search for the app, e.g. Dropbox

- download the app to your computer

- copy the APK file to a folder on your e-reader

- on the Pro, open Storage and navigate to the APK file and press it

- in the Settings of the e-reader, you will need to indicate that installing from third party sources is ok

- after adjusting this setting, select the APK file once more and follow on-screen instructions to install it

Tags: apps, Dropbox, E1053BK, Icarus, Illumina, pro

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Last update: 2017-03-21 16:19
Author: Carlo
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