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How to install your own fonts on the E653 series Illumina

The Illumina comes with 56 fonts, but if that still is not enough for you, you can install your own true type font.
In order to do this you need to copy a font to your e-reader and change the default 'reading engine'.
Copying the file:
  1. Open the Windows explorer and go to a directory called Fonts inside the Windows folder
  2. Select your favorite TTF font, right click on it and select 'Copy'
  3. Connect the ICARUS Illumina to your computer using a USB cable
  4. In the Windows explorer you will now see a removable disk called ICARUS. This is the Illumina e-reader
  5. In the root of the e-reader, create a folder called fonts
  6. Go to that folder
  7. Right click and select paste. The font is now copied to the e-reader
  8. Disconnect the e-reader from the computer using the  "Safely remove hardware" feature of Windows
  9. Shutdown and restart the e-reader. After this the new font is installed. But you need to do one additional thing in order to actually use it.


In order to change the font in a book do the following after the restart of your device. It is important to note that you can only use your own fonts if you choose FB 2 Reader as your default reader for ePub files. If you select AdobeReader (=default) you can only select the 56 pre-installed fonts.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to User Defined
  3. Select Set the EPUB book reader
  4. Select FB2 Reader
  5. Now, open a Epub book from the main menu | books or via the file explorer
  6. Press the center of the screen to open the options
  7. Go to the icon to change the layout (2nd icon from the left in the bottom of the screen)
  8. On the right of the pop-up you can now select the installed font
  9. Go back to the book
  10. Done!

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