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Can I force landscape mode for apps (e.g. Skoobe) on Illumina or Illumina XL?

Yes, it is possible to force certain apps to use landscape mode. For this, you will need to install a small app, called Set Orientation.


Download it here: Set Orientation 


With this app you can set almost any app into landscape mode (although some apps will not work properly). In order to use for instance Skoobe in landscape mode, do the following:


  1. Install the Set Orientation app. Copy the file that you can download with the link above to your e-reader and install it via the File Manager
  2. Run the Skoobe app
  3. In the e-reader's taskbar, you can press the clock (right bottom) to show a small options menu. There is a new item here now, called Orientation set to ........
  4. Press that item . You will see the current mode (e.g. Automatic or Portrait)
  5. Press that item and a list that you can scroll appears. Go to Landscape and press it
  6. The orientation will change. Press OK to finalize
  7. Be aware that this orientation will be valid now for all other apps too until you change it. As Set Orientation will automatically load upon start-up, even after re-starting your device the mode will change to the display mode you selected last. Be aware too that the user menu of the Illumina was not developed for landscape mode. It will display, but it is not ideal 
  8. If you want to leave landscape (or last mode you selected), follow the same steps 3-6

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