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There is a virus on my e-reader (alternatively: police virus, FBI virus, e-crime virus)

As e-readers run on Android, they can also be affected by viruses. By clicking on phishing links in e-mails, downloading files from unknown sources, or by connecting to your computer which has a virus, you could infect an e-reader. Examples of notorious viruses are the Police / E-Crime / FBI virus. The effect of such a virus is that you cannot use your device anymore. You can find out more info on this virus here:



It is your own responsibility that you take care your devices are not affected by viruses. We cannot be held responsible for this and therefor removal of viruses is not covered by our warranty.

However you can solve it in most cases by re-installing the firmware of your device by an upgrade tool. This will fully erase the device and also the virus.


It is vital that you do not connect infected devices to other computers, laptops etc. as you could spread the virus. Chances are of course that the devices are already infected and were the source of the e-reader's infection in the first place.


As this requires some specific activities that have to be followed carefully, we suggest you always contact our support staff via support@icarusreader.com


They can send you the instructions on how to solve the issue.

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