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How to install dictionaries on the Illumina XL?

The Illumina XL supports dictionaries in QuickDic format. Please follow the following instructions to install dictionaries on the Illumina XL


Installing dictionaries manually

1. Go to the following website to find many Quickdic dictionaries: https://github.com/rdoeffinger/Dictionary/releases/tag/v0.2-dictionaries
2. Download the file of your choice (this is a zip-file)
3. Extract the file. The dictionary is a file with the extension .quickdic
4. On the e-reader create a folder with the name quickDic (capital D)
5. Copy the dictionary to that folder
6. The dictionary is now installed.
7. When a book in the relevant language is open, you can now look it up :
a) Touch and press a word (keep pressed)
b) A pop-up will appear with several icons. On the right you see the Dictionary icon. Press it.
c) Wait until the search results are displayed

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