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How can I buy ebooks online and copy them to my e-reader?

You need to follow these steps:

1) Download  Adobe Digital Editions from  http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/#fp 

2) Follow Adobe's instructions to install this software package. In the process you will need to create an Adobe ID

3) Buy the e-book of your preference at a website of your choice

4) Open the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) application

5) Press CTRL-O to add an item to the ADE library. Select the book you downloaded before. It is now added to the library.

6) Connect the e-reader with the USB cable to your PC while ADE is running. ADE will recognize the reader and ask if you want to authorize it. This only happens the first time you connect it. Confirm that you want to authorize it.

7) After authorization your reader appears as an "eBook" in ADE. Simply drag content from your library to "eBook" to copy to your e-reader. Important: this is the only way to read DRM protected books (=books you buy) on your reader. You can never just copy past files in the Explorer. This is the same for all e-readers on the market.

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