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Can the annotations I create on the e-reader be exported, so I can view them on my computer?

Yes, it is possible to export annotations. Depending on the file type you create the annotations in and how you create those, the output is different.


This is how it goes:


1. In ePub

  • create annotations with the virtual keyboard
  • open the pop-up menu with the Menu button
  • select Export annotations
  • connect the eXceL to the computer via USB
  • in the root of the device you will see a folder called reading_notes
  • this folder contains all your notes as text files. It contains the following info: Filename / Page / Word highlighted / Annotation


2. In PDF

  • in PDF you can create notes with the virtual keyboard and by handwriting with the stylus ("sketch" )
  • for notes written with the virtual keyboard the same as above applies
  • for handwritten notes or sketches, you can merge them with the PDF document, so they become visible on a Windows computer. To do this, do the following.
  • create handwritten notes with the Sketch function in the Annotations menu.
  • after you finalize all sketches, go to the Annotations menu again. Select Merge sketches
  • this will create a duplicate file name with today's date, in the same folder as the original book
  • If you open that newly created file on your computer, it contains all sketches made.

Tags: annotations, eXceL, ICARUS, notes, sketch

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