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Authorization issues with Adobe Digital Editions

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Authorization issues


Authorisation issues in ADE can lead to the issue of not being able to open/read ebooks in either ADE on the computer or on your e-reader. There can be many reasons for this, and we refer  you to Adobe for specific support on ADE. However, one problem which occurs more often is caused by a mismatch in the Adobe ID of your e-reader and computer. Due to this mismatch you cannot open ebooks on either the computer or on the e-reader. In order to solve this, take the following steps.


  1. Start Adobe Digital Editions
  2. Connect e-reader,  wait until it is recognized by ADE
  3. De-authorize e-reader (CTRL-SHIFT-D)
    (For MAC users : CTRL-Command-D)
  4. De-authorize computer (CTRL-shift-E)
    (For MAC Users : CTRL-Command-E)
  5. ‘’Safely remove’’ the reader from the computer
  6. Close ADE
  7. Start ADE
  8. Enter Adobe ID (So the computer is authorized again.)
  9. Connect e-reader
  10. Authorize e-reader (soon as the reader is connected, you’ll see a pop-up)


This must be done with the same Adobe ID, otherwise it does not work.

It could be necessary to re-download the ebooks that were already in ADE, in order to access them again.

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