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What does Adobe ID mean? And why do I need to install it ?

To read e-books on your ereader, it’s necessary to create an Adobe account.


 Download the Adobe Digital Editions software and install it. When you install adobe digital editions ( ADE ) for the first time , you will be required to authorise your pc for once with your Adobe ID. You can create an Adobe ID via


After you have created the adobe ID, you will connect your ereader with your pc, and authorise with your same Adobe ID. For most of the ereaders ADE will detect your ereader as soon as you connect your ereader when turned on. You will be requested to authorise.


When you have followed all steps ( just 1 time) you can download and transfer e-books to your ereader via ADE.


Remember : The acms files which you receive when you click the download link can not just be saved to your pc, you will need to open them in ADE, because only then your secured book will be  in epub format, after this you can transfer your book to your ereader and you will be able to read it.

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